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Nature Lovers Will Enjoy These Dubai Experiences

If you're looking for places to visit that include natural attractions, don't rule out Dubai and Abu Dhabi just yet. read this blog to get the most out of your Full dubai tour package and Dubai hotel package deals by visiting destinations that are home to natural areas that are mostly pristine, untouched by man or machine. The lush greenery, desert, and wildlife provide a fascinating contrast to the immaculate appearance that these cities project to the rest of the globe. Here are seven of Dubai and Abu Dhabi's most popular natural attractions!

Big Red, Dubai:

Big Red is the city's largest sand dune, making it a great place to go if you're looking for some exciting desert activities. Sandboarding, jeep off-road driving, a Dune buggy, or a quad bike are some of the fun things you may do here. If you're not into sports, you might simply gaze at the red sand desert's 300-foot-high dunes and take a couple of selfies to keep as memories.

Jubail Mangrove Park, Abu Dhabi:

In Abu Dhabi, a self-contained educational, nature, and recreational destination. The mangrove sanctuaries are the park's most well-known feature. Turtles, herons, gazelle, and other animals can be seen when walking along the boardwalks. You can get closer to nature by taking a walk here.

Wadi Ghalilah, Dubai:

Have you ever considered ascending the Stairway to Heaven? Wadi Ghalilah is technically located in Ras Al Khaimah, however, it is easily accessible by car from Dubai. The "Stairway to Heaven" is a mountain trail that connects an Oman town with Ras al Khaimah. Its steep rocks, limited routes, and winding cliffs entice experienced rock climbers and mountaineers to attempt the 1,500-meter ascent. This hike is obviously not for everyone.

Al Wathba Wetland Reserve, Abu Dhabi:

More than 200 kinds of migratory birds are attracted to this little wetland area on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, which you may see from the bird hide. The flamingo population, which numbers in the thousands, has earned the reserve the nickname Flamingo City. The protected-area site has a variety of habitats, ranging from freshwater and salty lakes to dunes, bushes, and trees, all of which are home to a variety of natural inhabitants. Walking trails are also available at Al Wathba, allowing visitors to learn about the diverse habitats.

Immerse yourself in the world of the Green Planet:

The world's largest man-made life-sustaining tree is housed inside this bio-dome-like structure. It's like walking into the Amazon, except instead of being in South America, you're in the center of bustling Dubai. It's a terrific area to get close to the rainforest's shyer species, from toucans to sloths.

Dubai has something for everyone, from mountains and lakes to star-studded deserts. If all of this isn't enough to entice you to visit Dubai, we're not sure what would. Contact Trip to Go Tours to get the best Dubai holidays package deals and visit this land of opportunities and utmost beauty this summer and invigorate a new spirit into the dull routine of your life.